Our Story


Our mission

  1. Serve Healthy, Fresh, and Real Food to Downtown Chapel Hill: downtown Chapel Hill / Carrboro needs more options for fresh, never-fried, clean eats; we hope to challenge culinary norms in the area with superfoods that will excite health nuts and convert doubters
  2. Focused Menu -> Make What We Make Better Than Anyone Else: by limiting our main menu to acai bowls and toast, we are devoted to perfecting everything we serve. If we don't make the best acai bowl and the best toast you've ever had, we've fallen short of our goal
  3. Create a Rewarding and Fun Work Environment: The Purple Bowl doesn't exist without our awesome team working there everyday. If The Purple Bowl team isn't having fun, we aren't doing things right
  4. Provide a Shared Space That's a Destination in Chapel Hill: a clean and modern aesthetic that contributes to downtown, is an enjoyable place to hang out, and is aligned with our food and brand
  5. Fuel Active Lifestyles in the Chapel Hill Community: encourage and fuel lifestyles where we watch more sunsets than Netflix

How We Got hEre

Whether it's the corner coffee shop, the new taco truck, or the Michelin star restaurant, eateries and drinking holes are what drives the mood and spirit of our urban areas. It's what causes you to say xx neighborhood is "up and coming." It's where the awkward first dates happen, it's where we go to reminisce with an old friend, it's where two strangers from different walks of life cross paths and exchange pleasantries. And when an eatery nails it, it gives you a feeling.

The idea for The Purple Bowl really began when my family made the trip from Chapel Hill to California to visit me in April 2016. My mom and sister had their first acai bowl and were immediately hooked. When they went home to Chapel Hill they began making acai bowls at home as there were no options in the area to buy one. I taste tested bowl after bowl up and down the California coast and traded notes with my family on the do's and don'ts to make the perfect bowl. We talked about how we wanted to bring our own version of an acai concept to downtown Chapel Hill, and then we finally decided to do it.

Over the last few months we have been surrounded by an awesome team that has made this vision a reality. We have worked hard to transform our space at 306-B Franklin into something that's aligned with the brand we are trying to create and look forward to sharing it with you.

- Taylor