Artisan Toast


We love toast and we are on a mission to help toast reclaim the respect it deserves. the first step, making the best toast you've ever had.

It starts with the bread. We toured around North Carolina taste testing the best bakeries our state has to offer. There were a lot of great options, but we went with Durham's 9th Street Bakery. The simplicity, taste, and texture of the bread was unmatched and serves as the perfect base for our toppings. Our bread is delivered fresh by way of a 10 mile drive down 15-501. 

Next the toppings. Real food with real nutrients. Making this tasty snack one that doesn't just quench your hunger, but refuel your body. 

All toasts are available on 9th Street Bakery's sunflower wheat, sourdough, cinnamon raisin, or gluten free bread.